Our Philosophy

Our Belief

We believe that every Filipino deserve better quality, unique, and world-class food and dining experiences.
We believe that food is an expression of love, that’s why every memorable conversation starts at the table.
We believe that exciting food discoveries and adventures create more of these conversations.
We believe that every Bonchon experience fills people with wonder, discoveries and love.

Our Mission:

Bonchon spreads love, joy and the thrill of discovery.

We’re constantly reinventing your food experience with our menu selections, modern ambience, warm service.

Every Bonchon moment is a food adventure.

Our Vision:

Bonchon will be the most loved and talked about restaurant.

Bonchon will be a trailblazer in the local food landscape – this will be our constant benchmark for best practices. Every Bonchon moment is a food adventure.

Our Values:

Passionate and dedicated to thrilling palates and people.

Hip, creative, daring and innovative.

Authentic, original and pioneering.

People-centric and social.