Chicken Chapchae Meal

Your favorite Korean dishes in one delicious meal!

Chicken Chapchae Meal
Ala carte - P162
Boxed meal (with drink) - P172
Available in all Bonchon stores


What is Chicken Chapchae?

It is the newest meal combination of Bonchon, which gives you your favorite Chapchae with your K-Style Boxed Meal!

What are the components of Chicken Chapchae Meal?

  • One (1) piece of chicken (available parts are thigh, drum and breast; applicable to all flavors)
  • One (1) serving of white rice
  • One (1) 12oz beverage (for meal)
  • One (1) serving of Chapchae (half order)

Can I order the half Chapchae with other Boxed Meals or TBC?

No, the half Chapchae cannot be applied to other Boxed Meals or TBC.

Can I pay Chicken Chapchae Meal in all modes of payment?

Yes, cash, credit card and gift check.

Can I use my senior citizen or PWD discount?

Yes, of course