BonChon Classic Ko-Dog

Flavorsome Crispy Hotdog!

Miso Sesame and Honey Mustard

Classic Ko-Dog

P55 for a la carte

Classic Ko-Dog Meal

P65 for meal


What is Classic Ko-dog?

Classic Ko-dog are battered and fried crispy hotdog sandwiches drizzled with either Miso Sesame or Curry Honey Mustard.

What is the hotdog made of?

Our Hotdog is made of 100% chicken

Can I have the Ko-Dog in other glazes?

Product is exclusive for Soy Garlic glaze.

Can I have additional sauce?

Yes, please add P15

I like my food spicy. Can you drizzle spicy mayo to the Ko-Dog?

You may order an additional order of spicy mayo as sides.

Do you recommend this product to kids?

Yes, Classic Ko-Dog can be ordered by kids.

Is it good for cash basis transactions only?

Product is available in all modes of payment.

Does it apply to delivery?

Yes, of course

Are upgrades/add-ons available?

Yes, all add-ons and upsizes are available.

Are you halal certified?

We are not halal certified but we take into consideration that we have guests with different preferences

What oil do you use to fry your products?

We use 100% vegetable oil in all our products